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Month of: February


Date: 02/05/14


Call to Order: 7:00 pm


Attendees: 14 fullmembers, 1 Pending member, 1 visitor

Full Members - Brian Carberry, Janet Carberry, Leann Lange, LaraineGuidry, Nicole Guidry, BonnieHale, Carlene McKinnell, Angela Johnson, Tracy Brown, Kathy Norfleet, Bill Robinson, Pat Robinson, BeckyMcCarty, Carolyn Clarke

Pending Member – Barbara Robinson

Guest – Randy Coxwell


Roll call of minutes:January meeting minutes were read. Minutes were unanimously approved as read.


President’s Report:none


CorrespondingSecretary Report: Not Preset


Treasurer’s Report:Reported we have $11,630.59


Committee Reports:



Becky stated she is almost done with the necessary items needed for theshow and she is still working diligently. It was reported that someone showed our 2013 financial show report to aclub in Louisiana. The Louisiana club took the information to the MSConvention Center and now they want to charge us $1700 more for the 4days.  Kathie Short was able to negotiate the price slightlylower; however, it will still cost the Cluster an extra $1000 for the 4 days.


AKC Update:

Nothing new due to scheduling of AKC meetings


Legislative Update:

The Farm Bill has had verbiage added to help small breeders.



Kathy reported the deadline for trophy information to MB-F is the endof April; however, she WILL BE submitting the information no later than themiddle of April.  The person doing theembroidery raised her prices. Consequently the prices of these prices has also risen. 


A prize list was passed around for people to list EXACTLY what prizesthey were providing.  All gift cards muststate how much and where the gift card will be redeemable (i.e. Target,Walmart, Chick-a-Filet, etc.)


Kathy states all prize pledges MUST BE submitted in a formal mannersuch as email, or on the form passed around, etc.  Napkins and scraps of paper will not beaccepted.


Janet Carberry will again do the cards for cash prizes as in the past.



Old Business:

Janet Carberry readher proposal for providing aid to club members in the event of a disaster.  Nicole Guidrymade a motion to send it to the Board for discussion and action.  2nd by Carlene McKinnel.  Passed unanimously


New Business:

Azalea City Toy Breeds Club is selleing smoked porkbutts as a fund raiser for Joe Genarellaand his wife who were involved in a vehicle accident in Wyoming. Members present were asked if they would like to purchase a smoked porkbutt.


Adjournment: 7:32 p.m

                        Motion Pat Robinson

                        2nd JanetCarberry




Kathy Norfleet – Mickeytook a 5 pt major in Atlanta and a3 pt major the weekend before taking 9 GrCh pts in 2 wks.


Barbara Robinson – Blitzen obtained a qualifying score inRally


Carolyn Clarke – Oreo is now a Grand Champion



It takes a big man to show a small dog,
It takes a REAL man to show a hairless one.

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