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Member Disaster Relief Fund


To establish a fund to aid Mobile Kennel Club (MKC) members whohave experienced a personal disaster affecting his/her ability to care fortheir pets.



The program will be funded from funds that are not directlyrelated to any licensed AKC show.


(Exampleof funding activities: raffles (except show raffles), matches, CGC or,  personal donations specifically marked forthe fund, fundraisers specifically designated for the fund, and brag monies.)



The program will be open to any “full” member in goodstanding, as defined by the MKC bylaws.


Application for aid:

Any full member, who experienced a disaster, which precludesthem from maintaining a good standard of care for their pet(s) may apply.   Application must be made to the MKC Board of Directors, in writing, through the recordingsecretary. 


The written narrative must include, at a minimum, theperson’s name, address, and contact phone number (when applicable), and anarrative of the damages incurred, how it impacts the care of their pet(s), andwhat aid they are seeking.


The MKC Board will meetwithin one week of the request receipt to determine the amount of aid to begiven.  The requestor may or may not beasked, by the Board, to be present at this meeting.  Any financial aid awarded will never exceed50% of the total amount in the fund.



Disaster - shall be classified as a suddencalamitous event bringing great damage, loss, or destruction.


Aid – to provide with what is useful ornecessary in achieving an end


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