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APPROVED: 1/7/15

Month of: November, 2014


Date: 11/05/2014


Call to Order: 19:06 p.m.


Attendees: Full members 14. Guest: 1

Brian Carberry, Janet Carberry, Kathy Norfleet, Laraine Guidry, Nicole Guidry, Pat Robinson, Bill Robinson, Barbara Robinson Leann Lange, Bonnie Hale, Carlene McKinnell, Carolyn Clarke, Kendall Clarke, and Amanda Arnold. Guest: Gray Arnold


Roll call of minutes:

Brian read the minutes from the October meeting. Kathy stated changes adding Leann, Kendall and Carolyn to list of TFT people. A motion was made by Pat Robinson, 2nd: Carlene McKinnell. Passed unanimously with changes


President’s Report: None


Corresponding Secretary Report: None


Treasurer’s Report:

Pat reported we have $16, 867.15 in the bank. Of that the Relief Fund has $96.00, we have an outstanding check for $96 (eye clinic), and we incurred a $10.00 bank surcharge from the outstanding (bounced) check.


Committee Reports:


Show: None


Trophy: Kathy reported everything was completed and accounted for.


AKC Update:

Brian reported they AKC had a very busy October meeting.

 AKC reports entries are up 1% and events are up 4% vs. SPLY.

 AKC is developing a new reinstatement policy for dogs that have been disqualified for attacking.

 Use of ramps – Effective 1/1/15, Basset Hounds, Bulldogs, and Chow Chows MUST be judged on a ramp. All other “ramp dogs” will have the option to be judged on the table or on the floor.

 AKC is discussing a change to it’s Territory Exclusivity policy to reduce the amount of time an area is exclusive.

 AKC is considering changing the fee schedule for independent specialty shows. To be discussed at the Feb. 2015 meeting.

 There was a discussion in the revised judge approval process sent in wide distribution for comment.

 AKC is again looking at the formula used to determine the Point Schedule. They will be contacting Parent Clubs, All-breed clubs and Dog Show Rules Delegates for input.

 AKC voted to change the Tracking Events, Chapter 1, Section 8 regarding clothing worn by exhibitors. Changes were also made in Chap 1, Sect 17: Chap. 2 sections 4 & 19.

 AKC made changes to Rules Applying to dog shows, Chapter 11, Sect 1, and Match Regulations Chapt. 2, Section 10, and Coursing Ability Test Regulations, Chapt. 15, Sections 6, 10, and 11.

AKC Board meeting minutes - October 2014


Legislative Update:

Bonnie reported a lawsuit has been filed by Frank Losey, New York Dog Clubs against APHIS for misrepresentation of their intent and purpose.


Old Business:

Show Critique:

Brian did a written (charted) open critique about our 2014 show allowing members to list they felt was good (pluses) and what they felt needs improvement (negatives). All areas of the show were open for the critique.


Positives (+’s)


 Site (Building spacious and clean)

 No trailer parking in small side lot adjacent to building

 Parking garage

 X-pens under cover

 Obedience competition

 Lots of electricity outlets

 Clean bathrooms

 Good clean-up crew

 Stewards did a good job

 Superintendent (overall good job)

 Floors were less slippery than in past years



Deltas (-‘s)


 Us vs. Them (Mobile show vs. Singing River show) – should be “WE” as a Cluster Show

 MB-F does not provide enough for Stewards (no steward table, or room for stewards to work)

 MB-F Conformation Steward books are poor (hard to read and slightly confusing)

 MB-F Obedience Steward books should be in jump height to make ring function smoother.

 More Sunday help to clean-up

 Better vendor relations (easier to obtain contact information of vendors at the show)

 More handicapped parking

 Cones used to reserve premium parking spaces

 Not enough dog walking areas (the area provided has sticker bushes and sand fleas)

 Dedicated obedience ring help

 Not enough tape puller-uppers (scrapers)




Nominating Committee:

Janet reported the Mobile Kennel Club Nominating Committee met and submited the following members to be voted on for the 2015 election year:


President – Janet Carberry

Vice President – Carlene McKinnell

Treasurer – Pat Robinson

Recording Secretary – Brian Carberry

Corresponding Secretary – Shirley Boyd


Board Members:

Bonnie Hale

Bill Robinson

Kathy Norfleet

Loraine Guidry

Rebecca McCarty


Nominations were taken from the floor. Hearing none, Kendall Clark made a motion for the nominated officers to be accepted by acclamation, Motion was 2nd by Kathy Norfleet and passed unanimously.




New Business:

Bonnie – presented flyers for the newly licensed Fla-Ala Toy Dog club will be holding its’ first pointed shows in conjunction with the PDFA in February 2015.


Bonnie – there will be 2 UKC shows upcoming in the next month.


Nicole – Darlene Steward is starting a new Hound Group Show Club in Gulfport.


Leann – submitted a sheet of alternate activities MKC can do if we do not want to sponsor obedience at our show. Discussion was held on what is needed for Barn Hunts. Kathy said a club in Texas makes over $10k every year doing Rally and Barn Hunts. Kathy made a motion for Leann to form a committee and make a report to the Board for consideration. 2nd: Brian C. passed unanimously.


Barbara R. said she teaches over 300 dog owners a year many of whom have interest in doing activities with their dog. She would like permission to hand out information sheets to her students informing them of our club. All were in favor.


Adjournment: 20:03 p.m., Motion: Kendall Clarke, 2nd: Pat Robinson


Brags: Carlene, Bonnie, Barbara, Leann, & Amanda



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