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Month of: January, 2015


Date: January 7, 2015


Call to Order: 7:00 p.m.


Attendees: 11 full members; 3 guests

Full Members: Brian Carberry, Janet Carberry, Laraine Guidry, Nicole Guidfry Becky McCarty Bonnie Hale Kathy Norfleet, Carlene McKinnell, Tracy Coxwell, Barbara Robinson, & Amanda Arnold. Guests: Angela Johnson, Miranda Coxwell, & Devin Coxwell.


Roll call of minutes:

Minutes from the November meeting were approved as read: Motion - Amanda, 2nd - Kathy


President’s Report:

Janet filled in for Bill R who could not attend. Janet welcomed everyone to a new year in MKC and reminded everyone that our main task was our show in September. Volunteering is our key to success, not just with the show, but the club’s future.


She said a “suggestion box” feature was added to the front page of the web site. Any member can use it to submit a suggestion for the club. All suggestions go directly to the President and she will bring every suggestion to the board. If the person wishes to remain anonymous, she will keep the identity secret.


Janet also stated she would like to hold other activities like “meet the breed” and other AKC events.


Corresponding Secretary Report: - None


Treasurer’s Report: Nicole reported for Pat Robsinson.

We have $17,006.15 in the bank including the Relief Fund of $188.00.


Committee Reports:


Show: Becky reported -

We need a trophy chair.



We make almost no money hosting obedience competition and it is one of the major causes of manpower issues. Becky said we have 3 options: 1) No obedience this year since we only have to hold an obedience competition once every 2 yrs to maintain our license for it, 2) Offer to work with the Mobile Obedience club, or 3) Pay an outside group to run our obedience competition.


Becky made a motion for members to donate to hire stewards for obedience, 2nd by Kathy. Passed unanimously. Laraine Guidry volunteered to be the Obedience Chairperson for the show this year.



Pat Robinson volunteered to handle the raffle this year. Please start gathering raffle items now.



Becky is taking judge requests for 2016. Any requested judge must be able to judge AT LEAST 3 groups and OR be able to drive-in. The AKC web page has a judge search tool where anyone can see what group(s) each judge are certified to do.



Barbara Robinson volunteered to contact the Boy Scouts of America to find out if they will provide cleanup services.



Kathy volunteered to handle the trophies again this year. Everyone was in favor since she does such a good job with them.


AKC Update: Brian reported:

There are no updates since the AKC has not met yet this year. Their next meeting is Jan. 11 & 12.


Legislative Update: Bonnie reported..

There is nothing new on the national legislative front. She turned it over to Brian to talk about the newly proposed animal ordinance in Mobile City. Brian covered the talking points he took to the open forum meeting. He stated the City Commissioners said he was very prepared and stated they would like to meet with the MKC again regarding the proposed changes. (Talking points attached)


Old Business:

Barbara Robinson requested handouts she could give to her students. Brian passed a draft, provided by Kathy, for review and comment. Everyone at the meeting liked the handout. Kathy stated she could get them printed.


LeAnn Lange asked if members would be interested in a Barn Hunt. There was interest by some club members. She was asked to submit a written proposal on the matter including locations, materials needed, judges, and an itemized cost of everything needed.


New Business:

Becky reminded the club that we need to be thinking about a “B” Match this spring.



8:15 p.m.

Motion – Bonnie

2nd – Barbara R.



Barbara R and Nicole had brags



It takes a big man to show a small dog,
It takes a REAL man to show a hairless one.

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