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Approx. 40 people attended the meeting today representing, of course, MKC, dog breeders, veternarians, the Flea Market, Mobile Bay Backyard Chicken club, flea market animal sellers and others.

It became clear very quickly that the biggest issue of concern was the Flea Market sales, and there was not enough time in today's meeting to address everyone's concerns.  To this end it was decided by the PSC to table section 7-26 (Sale at Flea Markets) for future discussion and cover all other concerns regarding the standards.  Councilman Daves took our concerns very seriously and had the entire list in front of him as talking points.

Brief Overview:

  • PSC in favor of 3 yr rabies shots as permitted in the State Law.  I provided them with the state law so they can use the language or incorporate the state law by reference.
  • PSC also in favor of offering city licenses that are good for more than one year. Will work with local vets to allow city licenses to be purchased at vet offices
  • PSC in favor of permitting rabies and city licenses to be produced upon request (like a driver's license) rather than being fixed to the animal as currently written.  They were also in favor of permitting the owner to produce the paper rabies certificate in lieu of the metal/plastic tag.
  • Nuisance animals.  Determined there is no need to change the language in either the definition of nuisance or the section on "public nuisance".  They determined if the nuisance affects one person it is a nuisance, if it affects multiple persons it becomes a public nuisance.
  • The City Shelter was adamant that extending the five day holding period would place too much strain on the shelter.  It was decided the 5 day, which is working days (7 days in total), would remain to permit the shelter to destroy the animal.
  • The language permitting "sworn ACOs" will stay; however, it was revealed the animal shelter has a police officer on staff and all they have to do is call MPD for assistance.  To be sworn the ACO will have to pass full police training.  It is unlikely this will occur anytime soon.
  • Entering private property - despite my protest to this, it was decided that is would remain as written.  This was as close as I came to pleading for a section to be changed.  Suggested it only pertain to vacant private property.  Raised concern for the ACO's safety  and other issues to no avail.
  • After comment, from the audience, about not permitting "voice control" under section 7-23 (Animals at Large) as permitted in section 7-10 (Duty to Restrain Animals) it was decided to remove "voice control" from section 7-10.  Leashes will now be required at all times as a means to control any animal.
  • Cruetly to animals will mirror the state law and will incorporate it by reference.
  • Hoarding will be based more on the condition of the animals and the ability to provide, food, shelter, etc. than just the number of animals owned.

A motion was made by Councilman Rich (PSC committee chair) to pass the new law (which will replace the old law in its entirety) with modifications as discussed keeping Section 26 (Flea Market section) reserved for future completion.  Motion was 2nd by Councilman Richardson and passed.


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Kathy Norfleet
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Good job.  So glad you were there representing the club.  Only disappointment for me is allowing officers to enter property. Hopefully when committee revisits section on sale at flea market, can change language to read not sold under 8 weeks.  Better control at flea market than out of a pickup!!


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