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Month of: March, 2015


Date: March, 4, 2015


Call to Order: 7:08 p.m.


Attendees: 12 full members; 2 visitors

Full members: Brian Carberry, Carlene McKinnell, Kathy Norfleet, Bonnie Hale, Laraine Guidry, Nicole Guidry, Pat Robinson, Bill Robinson, Carolyn Clarke, Kendall Clarke, Barbara Robinson, & LeAnn Lange. Visitors: Genese Wolfenden & Beverly Bottoms


Roll call of minutes: Minutes of February meeting were approved as read. Motion: Pat R., 2nd – Barbara R.


President’s Report: (V.P. Carlene reported for Janet)

• Carlene reported that the Board decided there would be a $50 cap on a venue for the B-Match.

• Janet was offering an incentive gift ($30 min value) for those who worked at the show. For each hour worked the volunteer will receive one ticket. All time must be signed in and out to get credit.


Corresponding Secretary Report: None


Treasurer’s Report: Pat Robinson

• Reported we have $13,611.71 incl. $205 in our Relief Fund. Show fees paid for 2015 included AKC and Coliseum deposit.

• Pat handed out a breakdown of the Obedience costs to show why obedience loses money.


Committee Reports:


Show: None


Trophies: Kathy Norfleet

• Only 1 day for Herding group still open

• Need more donations for NOHS

• Sent Letters to all Casinos

o Have one response from a casino to date

• Wkg with Tractor Supply for donation

• Talked to the Pet Supermarket about donation

MKC March 2015 minutes (cont.)


Committee Reports (cont.)


Raffle: Pat Robinson

• Pat is working diligently on raffle items

• Getting items on a regular and constant basis


AKC Activity: Laraine Guidry

• Nothing new to report


Legislative Update: Bonnie Hale

• New Mobile Animal Ordinance passed

• Brian read his “thank you” statement that was presented at the City Council meeting when the ordinance was passed.


AKC Update: Brian Carberry

• If offering Jr. Handler we MUST offer Best Jr. Handler - May offering Reserve Jr. Handler

• Tabled until March 2015 – AKC will discuss 1 Judges book for all to use.

• The trial for clubs to hold 2 shows in 1 day has been continued

• AKC reports that last year Entries down 1%, Events up 2%, Confirmation entries down 2%.

• NOHS will be “opt in” effective Jan 2, 2016.



New Member voting: None


Old Business:

• BSA cleanup at Show - Barbara R. stated BSA needs to contact their District for guidance regarding helping at our show.

• Barnhunt – LeAnn is gathering information and asked for discussion to be tabled

• B Match – Nicole reported it will be May 16, registration beginning at 9a, to be held at Medal of Honor park.

• Spring/Summer Picnic: Brian reported there are only 2 weekend avail due to shows. May 16/17 or June 13/14.

MKC March 2015 minutes (cont.)


New Business:

• Kathy Norfleet – provided a handout (see attached)

o Working with Pet Supplies Plus to hold monthly informational activity at the store.

o Wiggle Waggle walk activities and MKC having an information table on May 2

• Brian C. asked brought 2 items to the meeting.

o MKC Club T-shirts – everyone liked the idea

o Inviting City Council President Gina Gregory and Public Safety Committee Chair, Bess Rich to present BIS at our show. Everyone was in favor.


• Laraine G. asked about Stewards for Obedience

o Brian C. volunteered Sat & Sun all day

o Carlene volunteered after she showed her TFT

o Laraine will contact Mobile Bay Dog Training Club



Adjournment: 7:55 pm

Motion – Barbara R

2nd – Bonnie H.



Barbara R., Carolyn, Carlene, Beverly, Bonnie, and Nicole had brags.



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