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Month of: June, 2015


Date: June 3, 2015


Call to Order: 7:07 p.m.


Attendees: 10 Regular members, No Guests (see sign-in sheet)


Roll call of minutes:

Brian read the minutes of the April meeting which were approved with one change by Carolyn Clarke. Motion: Kendall Clarke, 2nd: Kathy Norfleet There was no May meeting due to picnic.


President’s Report: None


Corresponding Secretary Report:

1. Shirley reported that we received an overnight (Express Mail) entry for the match in May. The person is new to the show world and spent $16.95 for a $5.00 entry. The club will return the exhibitors and she was allowed to compete at the match.


2. We received an inquiry from someone looking to purchase a bulldog who was referred to the AKC’s breeder website.


3. AKC site needs updating.


Treasurer’s Report: (Brian reported for Pat)

General Fund- We have $14,121.26 including $216.00 in our Relief Fund


Match Report – Income to match $55.00 including Toy Club payment of $25.00. Pavilion Rental was $51.50 and printing of flyers was $5.00. The match lost $1.50.


Janet began discussion on the Match report stating number of dogs showing and the CGC testing should have produced a match that did not lose money. Nicole will check on funds to ensure all were turned over to Pat.

(MKC minutes – July 2015 cont.)


Committee Reports:


Show: Becky

1. MBF has new software which is simple to use and everything should be done. Show Closes on Wednesday, August 19, 2015. Becky will send out Premiums for people to review once she receives them.


2. Becky would like 3 people to be at the Show site Tuesday at 2P to help tape-off and keep track of all reserve grooming spaces. Brian Carberry, Kathy Norfleet, and Kendall Clarke volunteered.


3. There will be groom space for non-reserved as always.


4. Obedience Stewarding is covered.


5. Need Admission desk Brian will send out a list of tasks needing done for members to sign-up.


6. Reminder: Hospitality Chair cannot show.


Trophies: Kathy

1. All trophies and prizes are complete and sent in.


2. Brought sample of towels that are given as prizes. Was asked in MKC could be spelled out and how much.


3. 1 casino offered a prize


Raffle: Nicole for Pat

Still taking donations


AKC Activity: Laraine

Match completed. Nothing else scheduled until Obedience in September.


Legislative Update: Bonnie

Reported the Alabama dog legislation is currently stymied and is not being presented for discussion.


AKC Update: Brian

1. AKC is planning a final vote for new Judge appointment process in June.


2. AKC is working on a position statement opposed to Pet Stores selling dogs.


New Member voting: None

(MKC minutes – July 2015 cont.)



Old Business:

Barnhunt – Janet suggested tabling the Barnhunt discussion until after our show in September. Motion: Brian Carberry, 2nd: Shirley Boyd Vote: approved unanimously


T-shirts: Brian offered a few different design ideas. People were in favor of different designs with most wanting Mobile Kennel Club on the back of the shirt. Brian will check prices and options for next meeting. Shirts will be Teal.


Kathy N. – Pet Supplies Plus activity. Bonnie agreed to help this month.


New Business:



Adjournment: 8:37 p.m.

Motion: Kendall Clarke

2nd: Bonnie Hale

No opposed



Carolyn and Bonnie had brags.



It takes a big man to show a small dog,
It takes a REAL man to show a hairless one.

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