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Month of: July


Date: July 1, 2015


Call to Order: 7:15 p.m.


Attendees: 12 Full members in Attendance

Carlene McKinnell, Barbara Robinson, Leann Lange, Beverly Bottoms, Bonnie Hale, Shirley Boyd, Kathy Norfleet, Janet Carberry, Brian Carberry, Carolyn Clarke, Kendall Clarke, & Rebecca McCarty.


Roll call of minutes:

Minutes from June meeting were read and approved.


President’s Report:

• Janet reported that the Board discussed an offer from the City of Mobile to meet with the Executive Director of the Convention Center as a possible show site. The Board agreed if the Convention Center could meet the needs for RVs that Board members should meet to discuss the idea.

• Discussed the Plus’s and Delta’s of the last show

• Kathy Norfleet will be heading the nomination committee which will be formed in August.


Corresponding Secretary Report:

Shirley reported she had one internet inquiry from someone looking for a Pug and she referred them to the AKC site as normal.

Stated there is an International Dog Show coming up in Perry, GA. It is an all-breed, rare breed show.


Treasurer’s Report:



Committee Reports:


Show: Becky

• Sent sample Premium Lists to members

• MB-F will not permit a ring for Obedience practice

• Everything is going well with show planning

• Expecting/Hoping for large entry due to no Monroe, LA show and TN moving their show date.

• 2nd deposit is due to MS Coliseum this month


Trophies: Kathy

• Trophies are all done and we had excess money.

• Excess money will be used for Obedience HiT ($50 ea. Sat & Sun) and NOHS ($70) prizes.



No Report


AKC Activity:

No Report


Legislative Update: Bonnie

Nothing new happening


AKC Update:

• AKC approved the new Judges Selection Process

• AKC will provide yearly report on:

 % of judges are judging what % of dogs

 Perception of judging competency through exhibitor surveys

 Number of unique dog show entries

 Which CEUs are being used by judges and judge applicants

• Eff. 10/1/15 clubs may offer Premier Agility Trials

• New criteria for CAT judges (lure coursing)

• Grand Champion title will reflect the level

• Concurrent Group and All-Breed events will be permitted.

• AKC developing a statement against Pet Leasing

• Eff 9/1/15 changes will be incorporated to the Disaster and Emergency Planning portion for show criteria

• AKC conducted a study to determine:

 What motivates people to participate in dog sports:

• Gratification on improving their dogs’ and their own skills

 What factors are considered to determine multiple levels of involvement:

• Money/cost

• At their next meeting the AKC will discuss:

 Titling Low-entry breeds

 Lmtd Junior Class Judges

 Jr Handler Master Class revisions

 A new “Pee Wee” class (5-9 yrs)

 Concurrent Matches w/ shows

 “Show and Go” rings



New Member voting:



Old Business:

• Update to AKC web info: Brian reported it is done

• Match money update - None

• MKC club T-shirts: Brian reported they were done and ordering would start soon.

• Pet Supplies Plus – Kathy reported last turn-out was good. Brian offered to help Kathy

• 2-way radios – Becky said she and Nicole only found 2 broken ones in storage unit. She purchased 6 new radios w/chargers for $89.

• BSA assist at show – Barbara reported that BSA emailed their higher chain of command and she will get in touch with them.

• Suggestion for Judges – Becky told the group what she needs whenever anyone suggests judges for a show.


New Business:

• Barbara reported that she and Kathy did an impromptu ‘show and tell” at the Pet Supermarket that went very well.

• Kathy said she is going to look for a new place to hold our monthly public information session since Pet Supplies Plus as so few customers

• Shirley will order new materials from AKC for us to hand out


Adjournment: 8:13 p.m.

Motion: Brian C

2nd: Shirley


Brags: Bonnie, Carlene, Brian & Janet (non-dog)



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