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Month of: August 2015


Date: 08/05/2015


Call to Order: 7:07 p.m.


Attendees: 14 Regular Members: 0 Guests

Pat Robinson, Bill Robinson, Bonnie Hale, Kathy Knorfleet, Beverly Bottoms, Carlene McKinnell, Brian Carberry, Janet Carberry, Shirley Boyd, Carolyn Clarke, Kendall Clarke, Nicole Guidry, Laraine Guidry, & Becky McCarty [end]


Roll call of minutes: Minutes from July meeting were read and approved w/o change


President’s Report: Janet

Reported we sent a reply to the City, per July meeting, regarding meeting the Convention Center management to possibly hold our show in Mobile. Our response included the need to accommodate 80-100 RVs. We have not received a reply from the City.


Corresponding Secretary Report: Shirley

Referred an inquiry for breed request to the AKC site

Received an inquiry about Jr. Handler in mail. She will contact them when classes begin.


Treasurer’s Report: Pat

Reported we have $13,858.81 in the bank including $207 in our Relief Fund.

Next payment to the MS Coliseum has not been made as of this date.

Updated Match report: Our June Match made a profit of $48.50.


Committee Reports:


Show: Becky

 Reported she has replies on travel from most of the judges

 Everything is all wrapped up

 Still need help – Brian has some help lined up

 Kathy, Carolyn and Kendall will pick show items up at the storage unit


Trophies: Kathy

 Trophies are all done

 Shirley is providing toys

 Janet forgot award cards but has them done

 Working on basket from Pet Supermarket


Raffle: Pat

 Plenty of items have been donated to do the raffle


Vendors: Shirley

 Have received 2 replies


AKC Activity: Laraine

 Nothing until after our show


Legislative Update: Bonnie

 NAIA is reporting a sharp drop in pure bred dogs available in shelters


AKC Update: Brian

 Policy statement against The Institutionalizing of Mistreatment of Dogs

 Canine Legislation Position on Predatory Pet Leasing Schemes

 Allowing Deaf Dogs to Participate in Agility, Rally and Tracking Events

 Beagle Two-Couple Pack National Championship

 Rally Regulations Affected by Approved Obedience Regulation Changes

 Fast CAT - A New AKC Sport

 Agility Course Test (ACT) Event Regulations

 Best Practices for Recruiting Club Membership

 The Board VOTED to allow an individual with Limited Status approval for Junior Showmanship

 The Board VOTED to revise the eligibility criteria for the Junior Showmanship Master Class. The new criteria will be effective on October 7, 2015.

 New Judge Selection Process Voted, approved, takes place 9/1/15.

 Conformation Judges Books changes

 Eligibility to Handle the 4-6 Month Puppy Competition

 NOHS Ribbons

 Special Attraction: Pee Wee Class

 Concurrent Match with Show

 Free Entries Based

 Dog Show Rule Change - Certificate of Merit Eligibility up to 12

 WOOFtale


New Member voting: NONE


Old Business:

T-Shirts – Done. Handed out at the meeting

Match update – Done

Information table at pet store – Kathy reported this tabled until October

Shirley ordered new materials for informational table to be handed out


New Business:

Kendall working with city on Fairgrounds

Nominating Committee

Chair: Kathy Knorfleet (board)

Non-board: Beverly Bottoms & Carolyn Clarke


Adjournment: 8:04 p.m.

Motion: Brian C.

2nd: Shirley



Carolyn & Bonnie



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It takes a REAL man to show a hairless one.

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