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Month of: November 2015


Date: 11/4/2015


Call to Order: 7:00 p.m.


Attendees: 12 Regular members, 2 Guests

Brian Carberry, Janet Carberry, Kendall Clarke Carolyn Clarke carlene McKinnell, Beverly Bottomes, Bonnie Hale, Kathy Norfleet, Laraine Guidry, Nicole Guidry, Rebecca McCarty, and Leann Lange. Guests: Alexis Hickey, and Jason Hickey


Roll call of minutes:

Minutes were read and approved with a change. Motion: Kendall Clarke, 2nd: Kathy Norfleet


President’s Report: Janet

 Reported the new show is approved

 The new Cluster is approved

 We will be scheduling a meeting with MGCKC soon

 Marriott downtown in now pet friendly and would like to be involved with our club.


Corresponding Secretary Report: NONE


Treasurer’s Report: Becky for Pat

Paid $12,000 $2,000 to the MS Coliseum and $300 to AKC. We have a total of $20,820.13 in the bank. No report on Relief Fund.


Committee Reports:


Show: Becky

 Nothing new on show site or new cluster

 Working on judge roster

 Her computer crashed with no loss of info

 We collected money for a bad check from 2014 show


Trophies: Kathy

 No report


Vendor: NONE


Raffle: NONE


AKC Activity: Laraine

 Nothing planned at this time


Legislative Update: Bonnie

 Nothing New

 Kathy said HSUS has several lawsuits filed against them.


AKC Update: Brian

 Nothing New


New Member voting: NONE


Old Business:

Shirley – new handouts from AKC – not present: tabled

Kathy – new site for informational table – tabled


New Business:

 Introduction of guests and ourselves

 Nominating Committee: Kathy

o Kathy listed nominations

• President – Janet Carberry

• Vice President. - Carlene McKinnel

• Recording Secretary. - Brian Carberry

• Corresponding Secretary. - Shirley Boyd

• Treasurer. - Pat Robinson


o Board of Directors:

• Kendall Clarke

• Laraine Guidry

• Bonnie Hale

• Kathy Norfleet

• Rebecca McCarty


o Nominations taken from the floor:

 Becky nominated Carolyn Clarke for Corresponding Secretary


• Kathy suggested we try to find new outlets to inform people of our new dates and Cluster

• Becky said MKC is buying Christmas dinner for all members and spouse due to the great success we had this year.

• Volunteers to head committees for 2016

o Show – Becky

o Trophies – Kathy

o Hospitality – Kathy

o Eye clinic – Bonnie

o AKC Activities (other) – Laraine

o Raffle - Pat



Adjournment: 7:33 p.m.

Motion: Brian C.

2nd: Carlene Mc



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It takes a REAL man to show a hairless one.

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