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Month of: January, 2016


Date: 01/06/2016


Call to Order: 7:05 p.m.


Attendees: 15 Full members, 3 visitors

Full Members: Brian Carberry, Janet Carberry, Leann Lange, Carlene McKinnell, Beverly Bottoms, Rebecca McCarty, Laraine Guidry, Nicole Guidry, Bonnie Hale, Kathy Norfleet, bill Robinson, Pat Robinson, Carolyn Clarke, Kendall Clarke, Barbara Robinson. Guests: Laura Jones, Gina Pierce, Jason Hickey


Roll call of minutes:

Minutes were read and approved with changes. Motion - Pat, 2nd - Nicole


President’s Report: Janet

 Thanked everyone for coming to the Christmas Party

 Thanked everyone for their participation in the club last year and helping at the show

 “Looking Forward” to a bigger and better show this year

 Is asking everyone to once again volunteer to help.

 Janet will once again have an incentive award program for all who help at the show

 As a club we are “Looking Forward”, not back.


Corresponding Secretary Report: NONE


Treasurer’s Report: Pat

Reported we have $20,077.37 in the bank incl. $269 in our Relief fund


Committee Reports:


Show: Becky

 Lost some data in a computer crash

 Judges done except provisionals

 Discussed the Judge roster

 Good idea to find a hotel coordinator person - *Brian volunteered

 Misc. Group does not have a B.I.G. award

 Checking with MBF about and extra ring for “show and go” as suggested by AKC

 Asked for a Co-Chair. Brian was suggested and he accepted

Trophies: Kathy

 Asked people for trophy ideas

 Brian suggested offering plate, tray, or trophy for BIS

 Nicole suggested giving X-Pen tags to Group winners

 Suggestion was to have towel colors match placement

 Have a “Group Sponsors” table


Vendors: No Report (Shirley absent)


Raffle: Pat

 No update


AKC Activity: Laraine (Nicole)

 B Match will be May 7. Will have our picnic and invite MGCKC to join us.


Legislative Update: Bonnie

 Nothing new


AKC Update:Brian

 New policy on Reserved Grooming area. New language, modified Dec, 2015, reads "Day of event" grooming must be provided that is reasonable in relation to entry of the show.


New Member voting:

 Jason and Alexis Hickey attended their second meeting, are in good standing with AKC and MKC, and were unanimously approved.


Old Business:

 Shirley – New AKC info for tables (tabled)

 Kathy – New location for information tables (tabled)

 Pat – will check on prices for new storage unit


New Business:

 Kathy had computer crash – got it fixed.

 Election of Officers for 2016: Kathy handed out ballots to all voting members. The elected officers for 2016 are:


President – Janet Carberry

Vice President. - Carlene McKinnel

Recording Secretary. - Brian Carberry

Corresponding Secretary. - Carolyn Clarke

Treasurer. - Pat Robinson


Board of Directors:

Kendall Clarke

Laraine Guidry

Bonnie Hale

Kathy Norfleet

Rebecca McCarty


2 new members:

Laura Jones – Border Collies in Obedience

Gina Pierce – Yorkies and French bulldogs


Adjournment: 8:22 p.m.

Mot: Brian

2nd: Pat




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It takes a REAL man to show a hairless one.

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