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Meeting Minutes


Month of: November


Date: 11-2-16


Call to Order: 7:00 p.m.


Attendees: Full members 9; Assoc. Members – 1; Guests 6


Roll call of minutes: Approved as read. Motion: Kathy, 2nd: Carlene


President’s Report: Janet

o Selected Barbara Robinson to fill vacant Board seat

o Selected Brian Carberry as new Show Chair

Asked everyone to act like adults and be reasonable at meetings

Apologized for emails from some members

Advised members to block email from those individuals they do want to receive from

Reminded everyone that the club bylaws do not permit discussing, in person or via electronic means, the financial business of the club.


Corresponding Secretary Report: Carolyn

Received email from AKC regarding balance due on show

Reminded people the email list they see is not the “member” list


Treasurer’s Report: Absent

Janet went over show report from Pat

Many questions arose about raffle profits, trophy expenses and security costs.


Committee Reports:


Show: Brian

We have applied for the shows

Judge selection has begun – will be very few provisionals

Cannot share judge panel until approved by AKC


Trophies: Kathy

Towels have been purchased


Vendors: Shirley/Janet

Nothing to report


Raffle: Carlene

Nothing to report at this time

AKC Activity: Absent

No report


Legislative Update: Bonnie

Nothing new to report


AKC Update: Brian

Have not had November meeting yet


New Member voting: none


Old Business:

Property sale dispute: Janet and Kathy working on it.

Insurance claim – Brian is handling

Obedience: Laura absent – Barbara: nothing new (tabled)

Nomination Committee:

Kathy read nominations from committee

Janet asked for nomination from the floor

NO nominations were made from the floor


New Business:

Lori – would like to see more days for NOHS. Brian said there will be in 2018, but current judging panel with AKC rule changes does not allow for more in 2017 when 2 days of NOHS will be offered.


Christmas party – 6P at Kathy’s house, bring a covered dish. We will be having a Murder Mystery Christmas party. Club is buying main dish – Ham.


Bylaw Changes:

First Change – Approved unanimously

ii Change: November 2, 2016 add verbiage to permit alternate method for becoming full member, Article 1, Section 3, Par. 3: If said applicant is voted by the membership into the club they shall be considered as an associate member for one year, or until they complete 20 (twenty) hours of club volunteer service as witnessed by a full member. At the end of one year or upon completion of the minimum club volunteer hours, they may apply for full membership into the club. Notice must be submitted in writing by the associate member to the recording secretary and then voted on by the board at the next meeting.


Second Change: Approved Unanimously

iii Change: November 2, 2016 add verbiage for returning full members, Article 1, Section 3, add Paragraph 4: Any applicant who was a full member in good standing with the Mobile Kennel Club and AKC, and whose membership has lapsed within the past 5 years from date of the new application may apply to be a full member. This type of full member application will be voted on by the Board after the completion of their second meeting following their application.

Raffle: Carlene asked about club funding before holiday season to buy a few nice items for Show raffle.

Janet suggested $250 with contingency

Kathy suggested allocating money w/o contingency

Funding was approved unanimously w/o contingency


Brian said he would like to see fewer high priced items and will less yard sale items.


Janet passed around photo album provided by Sosa Photography of 2016 show.


Carlene said she would like to do “Chuck a Duck” at the 2017 show.

Approved by Show chair and club – Carlene is in charge of activity.


Adjournment: 8:10 p.m.

Motion: Kendall

2nd: Bonnie



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It takes a REAL man to show a hairless one.

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