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Month of: July 2017


Date: 07/05/2017


Call to Order: 7:00 p.m.


Attendees: 13 Full members, 3 Associate Members, 5 visitors


Roll call of minutes: Brian

Minutes of previous meeting were approved as read. Motion: Kathy, 2nd: Kendall


President’s Report: Janet

• Welcomed all members and visitors

o Was concerned about our web domain (internet presence)

o Didn’t know when renewal was due

o We did not have access due to PW issues

• Worked on the issues

o We now have access to our web domain

o Renewal due 2021

• Ordered card swipe devices for our Pay Pal account

o Currently the app will not load

o Tried it on several different devices

o Will contact PayPal for assistance


Corresponding Secretary Report: Carolyn

• Received Notice PO Box payment was Due

o Kathy is handling it

• Received Insurance Claim info


Treasurer’s Report: Kathy

• Reported an overall balance of $22,631.08.


Committee Reports:


Show: Brian

• Premium List was received and sent to members having items in it

o Changes were made and sent back to MB-F

• Will send hospitality sheets out this week

• Started on Judges for 2018 show

o Remined everyone of judge request info needed

o Judge name and number

MKC July Minutes (cont.) pg 2



Trophies: Kathy



Vendors: Janet

• No Change at 2 know so far

• Several people would like “New Edge” back again

• Due to several complaints the sharpening trailer will not be invited back


Raffle: Carlene

• Need tons more

• Need raffle tickets

o Need to check store facility

o Brian said he will meet her there anytime


Chuck-A-Duck: Carlene

• When ducks were counted we were short

• Carlene called the company and problem is resolved

• Beverly bought a bullseye


AKC Activity: Barbara

• Conformation Handling classes

o Received one email interested in class

o Members at the meeting also expressed interest

• Asked if next match was going to be in Biloxi

o Brian said it is planned to be; however, we can have others too


Legislative Update: Bonnie

• Not a lot going on

• AL bill is still in committee


AKC Update: Bonnie

• Nothing new


New Member voting:

Samantha Bame, Charles Bame, Cecilia Barnes, Jason Jones, & Karen Jones

Unanimously voted for all to be approved as Associate Members

MKC July Minutes (cont.) pg 3



Old Business:

• Brian: Semmes Dog Days of Summer

o Thanked everyone who volunteered to come out and help.

o Sadly it was rained out, but Semmes plans to reschedule it.

• Rob: Hound Club Barn Hunt

o Club only meets every other month and has not had another meeting.

• Rob & Cheryl: Canine CPR and First Aid Course

o They are now certified for canine CPR & First Aid

o There is an App called “Pet Tech PetSaver” that gives First Aid advice for pets.

o Discussion regarding the club hosting the instructor for educational seminars or demonstrations.

 Rob/Cheryl will get the instructors name and phone to Janet


New Business:

• Kathy: Storage unit was sold to a new company called “Red Dot Storage”

o They are requiring “Contents” insurance. There is $9.00 per month.

o Our insurance only covers liability. Our insurance agent said $9 is cheaper than they could provide.

o After discussion, Brian made a motion to take Red Dot’s insurance for $9 at the advice of our Insurance provider. 2nd: Carolyn. Passed unanimously

• Lori: Breeder of Merit discounts

o Right now AKC has big discounts on microchips

o Lori will email Carolyn or Brian to send out to club to assemble a bulk order.

• Janet: 100 year anniversary of MKC approaching soon

o Would like any judge, that was a MKC member, to judge at our 2021 show.

o Members asked to email Janet their names if they know of anyone.


Adjournment: 8:00 p.m.

Motion: Kendall, 2nd: Brian


Brags: Carlene



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It takes a REAL man to show a hairless one.

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