Working Titles Working Titles CH Magnolia's Belle of the Ball BN, CGC Maggie received her BN (Beginner Novice) 176247410 LERU'S CRICKHOLLOW NIGHT TRAIN ML CD Sean shown to CD by Laraine he is working on his RN shown by Nicole he is 2/2 and needs one more leg! 176248635 Earth Dog TiMarie & Celeste Crickhollow Gonloco Marie Levau JE Breeder Laraine & Nicole Guidry Ch Crickhollow Celeste JE Breeder Lraine & Nicole Guidry Owners Leann lange, Laraine and Nicole Guidry 176258192 "T" and Ginger Ch LeRus Tzar Gonloco JE Leru N Crickhollows Myrrh& Gold JE, RN, BN Breeder/Owner: Leann Lange, Laraine & Nicole Guidry 176258193 Leann and Nicole with some red-heads Ginger JE, RN, BN Hali RN leg Athena RN 176387233 OTCh Gli finished her OTCh with a 198.5 in Open B. 203703102 BN Joel Finished his Beginner Novice title in one weekend with scores in the high 190's. 203703103